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Welcome to Aamro Group. We are one of the leading family-owned business entities based in Dubai, with branch offices in all the major cities across the globe. Aamro Group is a conglomeration of varied verticals that provide world-class service to a wide range of businesses and consumers across the globe. Our customers include several Fortune 100 companies and reputed local and international companies that are leaders in their respective fields.



To contribute to achieve a sustainable future by using clean energy resources and be diverse and inclusive.


To be a well-known sustainable brand by 2030.


Teamwork, Transparency, Respect, Innovation, Collaboration are the core values of the Aamro Group.

Our Purpose


We are a multifaceted group of companies with diverse expertise in the field of Logistics and Shipping, Aviation and Dairy. These verticals are spread across the world and is led by a team of experts in the respective fields

Aamro Freight

Aamro Freight and Shipping Services

Aamro Dairies

Headquartered in Dubai since 2004, with the focus to create innovative and integrated solutions, Aamro Freight and Shipping Services LLC is a well-established family-owned business having a globally competent office and distribution facility in Dubai Industrial City.

ATC Global LLC

Aamro operates in more than 200 Forward Stocking Locations (FSL/SSL) and offers Importer of Record (IOR) and Exporter of Record (EOR) services worldwide. The organisation is robustly structured to deliver results leaving our esteemed and globally renowned clients to focus on their prime business.

ATC Global

Aamro Aviation Corporation

Aamro Aviation Corporation

At Aamro Aviation, we strive to mold aspiring students into responsible and skilled pilots. Each learning style will be addressed with the help of new technologies, equipment and training methods. The growing diversity of aviation personnel will also require instructors to have cross-cultural and cross-generational skills to engage tomorrow’s workforce.

Aamro Dairies
Aamro Dairies

A2mate is a product of Aamro Dairies and was founded with the vision of reviving the Gir and other Desi cow milk and its byproducts. About 60 years ago, when India started importing A1 milk producing European breeds like Jersey, Holstein and Swiss Brown, our precious local cows were either slaughtered or cross bred with the imported cows.

Aamro Dairies


As we strive to become the most inclusive company in the world, it only makes sense that accessibility is a part of the equation.

Muralidharan Nair

CEO / Managing Director

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